Tampa-based imaging center Bayview Radiology announces its specialization in women’s imaging to better serve the community.

Bayview Radiology in Tampa Bay, Florida announces that it specializes in women’s health imaging.

“In order to serve our community well, we knew that we would need to devote a separate part of our facility to women’s imaging services.

In addition, our women’s only waiting room provides a warm and tranquil environment to help our women patients forget that they are in a clinical setting and ease any nervousness they may have about their imaging results,” said Dr. Alan J. Cousin, Owner of Bayview Radiology.

Bayview Radiology offers women’s imaging services such as breast MRI, mammography, breast ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, hysterosonography, bone densitometry, ultrasound guided aspiration, and hysterosalpingogram.

“Our breast MRI uses a specialized breast coil that allows us to get very high resolution images of the breast. Breast MRIs are useful with younger patients whose mammography is often harder to interpret.

They are also useful with patients who have strong symptoms even though their mammogram or ultrasound doesn’t show any abnormality as well as with patients with known breast cancer where the MRI can more completely show the amount and location of cancer so that the surgery doesn’t leave any cancer behind,” said Dr. Cousin.

“We also offer hysterosalpingograms. It is a big word, but a hysterosalpingogram is simply an X-ray that of the inside of uterus and fallopian tubes and the surrounding area. We often perform this test for women who can’t get pregnant so we can see what the issue might be,” he continued.

“Another high tech imaging solution we offer is DEXA bone densitometry, which is an enhanced form of x-ray technology called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry [DEXA].

It is the current standard for measuring bone mineral density since a plain X-ray test is not the best way to measure bone density and detect osteoporosis,” said Dr. Cousin.

Tampa residents interested in learning more about Bayview Radiology’s women imaging services can visit https://bayview.cruiselabs.net/