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BayView Radiology Reviews


This spring I was a patient at your office. I was greeted with friendly and helpful people throughout my visit. You were caring and concerned, taking time to speak with me.

This type of care is often rare but always appreciated. Please know that your kindness and compassion mean very much to your patients.

Thank you, Ian H.

Joe and I want to express to you how wonderful you and your staff were to us on our appointment day. My husband has been through a lot and he was not looking forward to having this myelogram.

He experienced no pain and was treated with great care. We also told Dr. Castellvi how wonderful your place is.

Sincerely, Joe and Sandra S.

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me during my breast MRI last week. Your concern and special attention really helped me get through it. We need more medical people in this world like you!

Thank you again! Sue H.

I’ve never had a radiologist come out and talk to me right after any kind of test! Then, you spoke to Dean & I not once, not twice, but 3 times!!! There should be more people like you!

I feel so much better now that you’ve reassured me that everything is fine. You are one of a kind!
Thank you for all the extra kindness!
Susan T.

My visit to your office was the best MRI office visit experience I have ever had. I truly believe that professional customer service and general human kindness are, most unfortunately, a lost commodity in our society.

I wanted to let you know of my personal experience in your office. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Tracy W.

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience my wife, Diana and I had at Bayview Radiology. It was like a mini-hotel stay with all the amenities. Dr. Cousin, our radiologist, and his assistant were two of the most professional individuals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

From the time we arrived until the time we left, I felt totally relaxed and comfortable. I must say that what I had expected to be an unpleasant experience by virtue of what I had to have performed turned out to be quite the opposite.

I attribute this solely to a facility and staff who truly do believe that patients come first. It shows in everything they say and do. Now we wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Again, thank you Richard and Diana A.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you. You have managed to accomplish an almost unheard of feat in these times and in particular the medical profession where because of insurance, governmental influence and other untenable factors, we, the public, have been relegated to “just being another number”.

And in defense of that the public has built a wall of total distrust. I believe that Bayview is an absolutely unique facility. Not only for the services it renders, but for what is apparently your mission.

Needless tests are never appreciated and almost always identified at some poi nt. I was very impressed when you stated at my first visit to your facility, that you did not want to perform any procedures that were not absolutely necessary.

Most unusual. I thank you for daring to be different. It is never easy but it is always rewarding and distinctive.
Opal C.

I wish to take this opportunity to let you know how appreciative that I am to you with regard to the care and concerns as well as your unconditional support that you very generously afforded me during this difficult time.

Thank you, again, for your care and concern. I am humbled by it, and I please know that you are a very special person who gives from his heart unconditionally. Many blessings to you and yours,
With kindest regards, Susan C.

Maravilloso atención al cliente , una experiencia súper exclusiva , graciason Wednesday August 15, 2018
by Maite lopez
I really appreciated how the young woman who did my scan was conscientious of the noise level around her…and quietly shushed them so I can be relaxed during scan.

on Friday August 17, 2018
by Lillian Valle

Outstanding service

on Friday August 17, 2018
by Franklin U. Cross Jr

Great and very fast medical staff really good medical records staff
on Friday August 24, 2018
by Lily Serrano
Amazing service!! Loved my ultrasound tech. So nice and so helpful!

on Friday August 24, 2018

Very clean place and friendly staff. Will be back. JAS

on Tuesday August 28, 2018
by Jackie

Very friendly helpful kind & professional.

on Friday August 31, 2018
by Jean Shuff

Great staff, friendly and efficient. Thank you for making me so comfortable

on Friday August 31, 2018
by Bonnie Zaharia-Estell

I love using Bayview Radiology. The staff is courteous and I have had no problems with rudeness. The staff makes you comfortable during your procedures. I have went here for years now and won’t go anywhere else.

on Tuesday September 4, 2018
by Nicole


on Tuesday September 4, 2018
by MAIGO Ramirez

Have always felt comfortable and in great hands.

on Monday September 10, 2018
by Cynthia Hasty

Everyone was very friendly. I was seen at my appointment time. Overall, great experience

on Monday September 10, 2018
by Andrea Varona

I was in and out very quickly, everyone was very nice and courteous. Would definitely recommend this facility! Thank you !

on Wednesday September 12, 2018
by Emily Howell

Great experience. The service was fast and I was in and out in less than an hour. Thank you!

on Thursday September 13, 2018

Thank you all so much for excellent service. Offering 10 min free message is great. I had to come back for a hour message. It was amazing and exactly what I needed to relieved stress. Again Thank you all for excellent service.

on Thursday September 13, 2018
by Bonnie Estell

The attention I receive from Bayview is extraordinarily. I’m very please with the care they provide for me

on Friday September 14, 2018

I do recommend friends to go to Bayview. I always feel comfortable and feel they care. I will always have my testing done at Bayview.

on Friday September 14, 2018
by Cynthia Hasty

Muy bueno el servicio y la atención, pero sobre todo el tiempo de espera en la sala excelente porque no le hacen perder tiempo esperando. Y magnifico el masaje relajante maravilloso

on Friday September 14, 2018

Everyone was super nice and made sure it was a pleasant experience.

on Thursday September 20, 2018
by Michelle Joseph

Very Professional Environment and Great Helpful Staff! Great experience

on Thursday September 20, 2018
by Joshua Perez

I appreciated the attention, timeliness, and interest in the quality of care provided. It was a pleasant and professional experience.

on Friday September 21, 2018
by IC

Had a very good experience at Bayview Radiology. Staff was very friendly and efficient. I was in and out very quickly. I recommend Bayview…

on Tuesday September 25, 2018
by N davis

The staff is awesome, friendly, patient. No waiting at all. Angela was fanstastic.on Tuesday September 25, 2018
by Jessica Ordonez
Tired from lack of courtesy received in attention to my needs as patient, I was forced to reconsider my options in charge of my care and so it was when I became a patient of Bay View Radiology and left Rose to fade away. Ever since; I’ve never looked back. I am so glad to have followed my gut instinct. Allowing myself a change was necessary because I demanded respect, compassion and a friendly approach to my experience that was missing in prior Radiology facility. Now here at Bay View Radiology- My waiting time is minimal and There’s no longer a lack of courtesy in attention with my needs. I am in better hands and I know it so it makes a big difference. The staff here is friendly and approachable. Their attention to detail goes beyond a prescribed treatment to accommodate a relaxing experience which includes a courtesy massage while you wait. Now–Who does that? By the way; It was Phenomenal as much as it was needed so Thank YOU very much! And so this is what I call service that goes above and beyond in extension with courtesy. Bay View’s professional staff has Always been accommodating and Its welcoming area is very relaxing too. The service rooms are clean and comfortable and the X-Ray/US Technicians are exquisite. Bay View’s overall atmosphere is both Amazing as its Relaxing. This facility has always offered me a clean and safe environment ranging from its employment of high standards in customer service (which offers professional care in mind), all the way to safe testing procedures and so This is what makes them stand out above from the rest. At Bay View they practice Humane kind of Service with a Smile and then As Bonus; you’re offered a complimentary massage while you wait. That’s the Icing on The Cake. And by the way…It was Phenomenal! Thank You Bay View Radiology for offering me a dignified and complete experience throughout my visit with you. I exhort everyone to try. Please continue to do this Because YOU STAND OUT among the rest.

on Tuesday September 25, 2018
by Thelma M Gutierrez

Exelencia de trabajadora estan en ese lugar son muy preparados y rapidos y sonre Todo tratan a uno como que estamos en nuestras casas bendiciones a Todos

on Tuesday September 25, 2018
by Leydy B

I had a mammogram screening today, and the entire staff was welcoming and friendly. It was a surprise to see that this office also offers relaxation massages.

on Wednesday September 26, 2018
by Dianna Ruiz

Esas personas estan bien capasitadas bendiciones a todas

on Wednesday September 26, 2018
by Leydy B

Thank you for making an MRI and mammogram as simple and painless as you did yesterday. From Angela at front desk to Maeda that gave me a free 5 min massage at the end this was truly a pleasure at Bayview Radiology! I highly recommend this particular facility on N Dale Mabry & Linebaugh.

on Friday September 28, 2018
by MeLisa Hobart

I had an awesome experience with Bayview Radiology. When you have procedures done the stress of not knowing how it will turn out can be stressful by itself. It was wonderful to have a professional staff to treat me with care like I was family. The personal care at Bayview Radiology made me relax with confidence at a time when my concern for my health was quite stressful. I appreciated the professionalism of all staff members that were in charge of all my tests and the very prompt assistance in receiving the results as quickly as they were assessed. Thank you all for caring about my well being. I am truly grateful for the relaxed and competent care I received.

on Friday September 28, 2018
by Sandra Golden

I was very impressed with your facility and your staff. The place was very clean. The 1 thing I did notice was there was no place to hang your purse in the ladies room. The staff was so pleasant and discreet when speaking with each client. Although there were 2 young ladies behind the counter, they did not call clients up at the same time, allowing for some privacy in the conversation. The technician who performed my ultrasound was very professional and compassionate. She reassured me that should I have to come back for a biopsy that I would be made comfortable. I would definitely recommend your facility and I am sure I will be back.

on Friday September 28, 2018
by Meghan Kostro

Great customer service for both a mammogram and sonogram. Thanks to your staff for making it as positive visit. I will definitely recommend your office to others.

on Friday September 28, 2018

What a wonderful place. The atmosphere is so relaxing. I was referred there by my Doctor and was not aware ahead of time about the complementary 5 minute massage. I will be arriving ahead of any future appointments to take advantage of that. I also will be scheduling a 20 minute massage soon. The staff was so friendly and professional. THE BUBBLE WALL IS AMAZING!!

on Monday October 1, 2018
by Michelle K Florio-Manning

Dear Dr. Cousin,

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had at your facility recently. On May 14th I was there for an ultrasound of the left leg. From the time I arrived I was immediately greeted by Amanda Martinez she quickly and effectively took all my information down and processed the necessary paperwork all with a smile.

Your ultrasound tech was very nice and professional. You personally taking the time to speak to me just topped of the entire experience.

As you know customer service and patient retention has-always been one of my important projects when I was with JSA Medical Group (Cruz-Fana-Souchet MID) your staff is doing a great job.

You can be assured that I will recommend your facility to my colleagues and patients.
Rolando A. Reyes RN, EMT-P

Dear Dr. Cousin, Thank you so much for so promptly performing the MRI’s on my patients. You have always been so gracious in accommodating our needs and I greatly appreciate your personal assistance, with my patients. Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,
Karla M. Ledoux-Coton, D.O.
Neurological Specialties

Dear Bayview Radiology – Dr. Cousin and Staff,
Thank you for providing exceptional service from start to finish. I will be sure to tell my 3 to 4 thousand friends at the VA Medical Center, staff and patients seeking an excellent and professional Radiology Center. See you next year hopefully not sooner.
Angela J. W
Veterans Health Administration
I needed a simple chest x-ray, and was referred to Bayview Radiology by my doctor. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. The staff member I spoke with on the phone was very gracious and friendly. From that exchange alone, I had a good impression about this place. As asked, I arrived fifteen minutes before my appointment, I was checked in quickly and was asked to take a seat in the waiting room which was very clean. When it came time for the actual chest x-ray, I was in and out of there in minutes. The technician I had was friendly and efficient, and I was done before I knew it. Overall, I’ve been nothing but impressed with my experience at Bayview Radiology.

Thank you to Dr. Cousin and his wonderful staff,

Maria S.

Message: We all dread a morning or afternoon spent at a Doctor’s Office. However, Bayview Radiology seems to have a different process and procedure intact to be as efficient as possible. Dr. Cousin and his staff were friendly and made having this process much more comfortable. I appreciated the compassion and care as an individual patient, not just another case number. The staff at Bayview were patient and also completely understanding of my pain and concern. If you must undergo a series of radiology-based diagnostic test (i.e.,
CT, MRI, Mammogram, etc.) I would strongly recommend Dr. Cousin of Bayview Radiology.

Thank you Dr. Cousin,

Walter W.

Dear Dr. Cousin,
I want to express my overwhelming enthusiasm for Bayview Radiology’s 3D CAT scan representations. The amount of information that is gleaned from these three dimensional color pictures is astonishing and certainly enables me to fully comprehend the existing bone pathology.

The additional information obtained by this technology is clearly invaluable in assisting me with surgical planning.

I would encourage you to make these images routinely available. I have no doubt that other physicians will be truly impressed by this remarkable technology. Thank you again.
Sincerely yours, John M. Rayhack, M.D.