Some people go to a large superstore store to buy bread that is machine cut in slices. But wouldn’t you rather go to a French Bakery?

Bayview Radiology aims to cling to that old-world model where high quality is valued. We don’t want patients to feel like a number. This is actually an issue in medicine where the large hospital systems are not able to provide the individualized attention that patients use to have a few decades ago, and now patients are lost in the shuffle. That’s how mistakes get made.

The trend is that patients are starting to notice that good care is harder and harder to find, and as a result are seeking smaller medical venues where they can feel better and more confident about the care they are receiving.

At Bayview Radiology, we are a family, and we treat each patient as if they were our own family member. Every patient gets VIP treatment. This starts with a short complimentary relaxation massage treatment right when the patient arrives, and ends with the satisfaction of knowing that they received the best possible care, from talented staff, with the latest in radiology technology. Why go anywhere else or settle for anything less?