Getting an MRI is a painless procedure. However, it’s one that causes a lot of anxiety amongst patients. Fearing any sort of medical testing is normal, and happens often. The important thing to know is this: you are in very capable hands!

The requirement to lay still and relax seems simple. However, it can be difficult for those who suffer from what’s been termed as ‘˜white coat syndrome’.

This refers to when anxiety levels increase when medical facility step in the same room. Many centers for diagnostic imaging in Tampa Bay utilize an open or hybrid MRI machine, offering the utmost in comfort during the test.

Below are some ideas to help you prepare and relax before your MRI appointment.

Research the Process of MRI Testing

Knowledge is power. Studies show that when people understand the process behind any procedure, it builds confidence and soothes fears.

Avoid researching MRI stories online, as the internet tends to glorify the negative and hide the positive. Instead, go to the most reliable source-your doctor Have your doctor explain MRI testing to you in length during your visit.

Ask any questions that you may have, so that there is no confusion during the testing day. You may also be interested in reading our FAQ Page.

If you want personal stories, speak with friends and family who have undergone an MRI. This way, you know you’re hearing real experiences from people you trust. Not to mention, the benefit of receiving quick answers to questions you may have.

Practice at Home Before the Test

If your main fear is not being able to stay still for the duration of the test, practice at home. Lie on a couch and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in the room, with the MRI scanning machine around you. Use this time to figure out what helps you stay calm and still.

Some people find that mentally reciting a poem or song in their head can be very helpful when getting an MRI. Pick a poem or song that evokes positivity and good feelings. By practicing beforehand, you can help ease your anxiety of getting an MRI in Tampa.

Can you drown out background noise by thinking of someplace you’d love to go? The beach? The park? A cruise ship?

A good option is meditating on those places during the test. For better results, it is recommended to think of a very detailed place. Imagine the colors around you, the time of the day, how bright the sun is shining, the sound of the wind, the clothes you are wearing, etc.

Be very specific about where you are. Allow your mind to get lost in that relaxing environment.

Arrive Early

It’s important that you arrive at the imaging center at an early time for your MRI. Traffic is sometimes congested, especially in Tampa. So make sure you leave with plenty of time to get to the imaging center.

Getting stuck in traffic and rushing around before your appointment will only heighten anxiety levels. Thus, if you make it a point to arrive relaxed you will start the test relaxed. Going through with the MRI will go more smoothly when you are not stressed.

Remind Yourself That This Will Benefit Your Health

An MRI will help your health in the long run! Maintain the mentality that you and your doctor are taking steps towards healing your body and overall health. The results of your MRI will allow for your doctor to know what precautions or solutions are necessary to take.

Steps for better health, steps for a better you! This is a good thing.

While a certain level of anxiety is expected, with proper preparation you can improve your overall experience. Check out what else you need to know for Your Exam.

Once you’ve completed the MRI, you’ll see that there’s nothing to fear should you need another one in the future.