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For Lawyers:

Get the legal edge with BayView Radiology

It is paramount for attorneys and their law firms to develop a relationship with a trustworthy radiology center with the most advanced imaging.

At BayView, we have decades of experience working with Personal Injury and Worker Compensation attorneys.

Our radiologists have amassed a considerable experience working as expert witnesses, and understand the important implications of reporting so that we can ensure it is high quality and appropriate for your needs. Attorney preferences for the Reading Radiologist are also honored so that we can better tailor our studies to your firms needs. All our radiologists are always available to attorneys by phone and even call to answer questions regarding your examination.

We offer same-day turnaround, and even ready-made exhibits to be included together with your examination report. 3D exhibits are also available and can have a higher ability to illustrate than traditional 2D images.

It is difficult to make a case when pathology is not as readily apparent. The technique is of paramount importance, and experienced attorneys already realize that not all MRI examination are the same. Similarly, not all radiology reports are the same.

BayView Radiology MRI slices are thinner than competitors, down to 2 -3 mm slice thickness through the disc spaces with a more focused field of view. Other MRI scans have 4 to 5 mm slice thickness which results is 3 times less images and “skip” spaces. Therefore, our images are more sensitive for small tears and have overall superior image quality. At BayView Radiology, our MRIs have no skip spaces, smaller slices, at least twice as many images, and superior quality as compared to other centers.

We also offer axial-lumbar load which allows disc herniations to be more obvious due to the simulation of gravity. (see below)

Our MRI is a hybrid MRI with the largest commercial bore (donut hole) available, which is the perfect combination of a spacious feel while maintaining high image quality. Our staff is professional and courteous. Furthermore, at no additional charge, all patients will enjoy our Bayview Fusion services to increase their relaxation and have a more pleasant experience in our center.

BayView Radiology also has partnered with RAD1000. (

A picture is worth 1000 words, and a video is worth 1,000,000. RAD1000 creates illustrations that reflect the findings in your case. As board-certified radiologists, we will use special postprocessing software to create annotated high-quality medical images and/or video that will make the pathology extremely tangible for any jury or layperson to understand. With annotations, we are able to create a 3D side-by-side pictorial comparison of the pathology with the expected normal reference anatomy in a similar demographics. This will save you both time and money as there will be less expert testimony required, and less ambiguity about the case.

Bayview Radiology is the obvious choice for all your medicolegal needs.

What is “Axial Lumbar Loading” and why should you have it ordered with your MRI:

BayView offers a special technique not found at other centers – Axial Lumbar Loading, which makes herniations and bulges stand out more than they would otherwise, thereby simulating physiology.

How it works: When you’re standing and you have back pain, it may be from gravity. When you lie down, there is less effect from your weight. The disc herniations and bulges in your spine are less prominent when you lie down than when you stand up. Axial Lumbar Loading technique simulates gravity while you’re lying down.

All high strength MRI magnets require you to lie down. Open magnets have poor quality and will miss pathology. So how do you simulate the physiologic gravitational effects of standing while lying down – Axial Lumbar Loading. The patient wears a vest that pulls the patient towards their feet. We dial it up to gravity which is what the patient experiences when they are standing upright. See below the difference: