BayView Radiology is excited to announce that we have added Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) to our portfolio of services.  As you know, VMA is a spinal test that takes a video of the patient’s spine in motion.   VMA is a digital fluoroscopic evaluation with relatively low radiation performed to provide an accurate way to assess spinal ligament damage and transient malalignment abnormalities.  VMA testing can help diagnose patient’s back and neck pain by showing real time images of these areas in the process of bending, making it easier to observe injuries in the lumbar and cervical spine.  BayView Radiology is now one of the only facilities in the state offering VMA testing. 

In conjunction with VMA, Bayview Radiology offers 4D Demonstrative Evidence which is a game-changing tool for personal injury. These examinations are created by our LightSpeed CT which produces slices down to a half a millimeter!

Rather than an open or closed magnet, our MRI is a hybrid, resulting in better patient comfort and higher quality images. We also offer Axial Lumbar Loading to simulate gravity during the scan so the pathology is better visualized as it would be with normal physiologic activity.  Axial lumbar loading simulates a stand-up MRI while allowing the patient to lay down during the scan.  This translates into higher quality images from our high field magnet. 

Our MRI produces slices down to 2-3 mm which is superior to other centers who scan at 4-5 mm.  Consequently, it is unlikely to miss pathology hiding in the gaps (aka “skip” spaces) created at other centers who scan using less optimal technique.  

Our radiologists have amassed considerable experience working as expert witnesses, and understand the important implications of reporting so that we ensure the highest quality and appropriateness for your needs.   Attorney preferences for the Reading Radiologist are honored so that we can better tailor our studies to your firm’s requirements.  Our radiologists have training from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Mallinckrodt, the University of Florida, Duke, and other esteemed institutions.  All of our radiologists are always available by phone and can answer questions regarding your examination.  We offer same day turnaround as well as ready-made exhibits to be included with your examination report.   

We encourage you to contact us for all of your imaging needs!  Our office is located at 10010 N. Dale Mabry, Ste 150, Tampa, FL  33618.  You can also visit us on the web at
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