What are Procedures/Biopsies?  

Myelogram – evaluation of the spinal contents with contrast injection.
Paracentesis/Thoracentesis – evaluation of material in the abdomen or chest.

FNA – fine needle biopsy of an organ such as the thyroid under ultrasound guidance using sound waves (no radiation).

Steroid injection – therapeutic injection into the hip joint, facets (spine joints), sacral iliac (i.e. pelvic joints), epidural space – a layer in the spine.

Arthrogram – injection of contrast into a joint such as the knee, shoulder, wrist, etc. for better visualization under MRI or CT.

Hysterosonography – evaluation of the uterus and fallopian tubes by injecting contrast in the fluoroscopy suite.

Hysterosalpingogram – evaluation of the uterus by injection of sterile saline using sound waves to image.

Liver biopsy – obtaining a tiny sample of liver tissue for analysis performed with CT guidance.


How do I prepare for Procedures/Biopsies?

Preparation changes for each procedure and this is best explained by our staff upon scheduling.